Paint Ceramic Coatings

Accredited Installers of Surpass Coatings:

Our advanced Surpass Ceramic Coatings provide long-lasting protection for a variety of surfaces, including paintwork, films, and vinyl. Enhance the durability and performance of your vehicle with Surpass coatings. As accredited Surpass applicators, we have access to exclusive coatings and can offer a warranty across the entire range, ensuring complete peace of mind.

Starting from £95

Why Ceramic Coat?

Superior Protection

Ceramic coating provides a strong protective layer against environmental contaminants such as UV rays, acid rain, and bird droppings, preserving your car's paintwork.

Enhanced Durability

This coating increases the durability of your car’s surface, making it more resistant to scratches, chips, and minor abrasions, thus extending the life of your paint.

Easy Maintenance

The hydrophobic nature of ceramic coatings means water and dirt slide off easily, making your car easier to clean and maintain a spotless finish with minimal effort.

High Gloss Finish

Ceramic coatings give your car a high-gloss, mirror-like finish, enhancing its appearance and making it look brand new for longer periods.

Long-Lasting Results

Unlike traditional waxes and sealants, ceramic coatings offer long-term protection that can last for years, reducing the need for frequent reapplications.

Increased Resale Value

A well-maintained exterior protected by a ceramic coating can increase your car’s resale value, as it will look newer and be in better condition when it comes time to sell.

The Coatings We Offer

Enhanced Gloss Detailing Studio is proud to be Surpass Certified, granting us access to top-tier Ceramic Coatings that come with a warranty for your peace of mind.



Durability: 1 Year


Durability: 2 Year


Durability: 3 Year


Durability: 5 Year


Durability: 8 Year

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