Exterior Valet

Exterior Valet

The Exterior Valet is ideal for those who want only the exterior of their vehicles thoroughly cleaned. It also offers optional extras, including engine bay cleaning and hard wax protection.
Starting from £45

The Process

Wheels & Arches

We begin with the wheels, using a combination of wheel and tire brushes along with wheel cleaners and degreasers to clean the wheels, barrels, and arches. Then, we rinse each wheel to remove any loose dirt and grime.

Extensive Safe Wash

We apply citrus pre-wash and snow foam to the entire vehicle to help remove dirt and reduce the risk of swirls and scratches. This is rinsed off with high-pressure water. Using the two-bucket method with Shampoo and a microfiber wash mitt, we wash the vehicle from top to bottom, rinsing the mitt after each panel. Finally, we use a Karcher K4 for a high-pressure rinse, effectively removing shampoo and dirt.


Decontamination is crucial for achieving a great finish. We use chemicals to remove tar, iron filings, and sap from your paintwork. First, we apply Tar to soften the tar, then agitate it with a soft microfiber cloth to remove stubborn spots. After rinsing, we apply a Iron remover to the painted surfaces and wheels, then rinse again. Finally, the vehicle is brought inside to be dried with blow dryers and drying towels.


To complete the process, the vehicle receives a standard spray sealant for up to two months of protection. We also apply tire dressing, treat exterior trims, and clean the glass inside and out. Before handing over the keys, we meticulously inspect all exterior surfaces to ensure they meet our standards of cleanliness.

Polishing is available as an optional add-on to boost gloss and eliminate minor swirls. It can be performed by machine for the best results. 

The additional fee for polishing on our exterior valet is from £205.

Protecting your vehicle from the elements not only maintains its cleanliness but also potentially enhances its resale value. Depending on the protection needed, we apply spray sealants such as Infinity Wax Express and InstaGloss. 

However, ceramic coating and hard waxes can be added on if desired. 

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